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Rock & Roots (Music) Hillside (Music) Fringe (Theater) Ethno Square (Music & Dance)
August 26-28, 2011 ETHNO SQUARE Berovo, MACEDONIA
  The Pindjur Dance Troupe
"Wedding Chochek"
The Macedonian National Folkloric Ensemble
On The Beat and Path went to eastern Macedonia to film a follow-up documentary that Paola and Gary Blanton produced in 2007 about the unique blend of music and dance in the Maleshevo region. The original documentary, Raqin' the Roots with Malesh-Roma, was an effort to start an annual festival in the town of Berovo, population 7,000. In August 2009, Berovo hosted the first Ethno Square Festival. In its 3rd year this past summer of 2011, the two-day festival drew over 25,000 people.
Malesh Roma
Raqin' the Roots with Malesh-Roma
Berovo, Macedonia
Summer 2007
A 4-minute trailer of the upcoming documentary:
Many more clips will be added to this page, including performances from both the Macedonian and Bulgarian national folkloric troupes, Gypsy Brass ensembles, and Balkan Fusion. Stay tuned.
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