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Yangon / Bagan / Mandalay MYANMAR February 2011 THAILAND Koh Phangan / Koh Samui
  On the Beat and Path Gets Full Moon'ed
  Steve and Gary return to Thailand to feature some of the crazy musical options that this wonderful country has to offer. First up? The Full Moon Party on Koh Pha-ngan!
  Life's a Cabaret
  Steve explores the allure of Thailand's Lady Boy Cabaret Culture and finds that there are a lot of nipples present. They're men's nipples, albeit on altered immediate surroundings, yet Steve struggles with censorship. (Gary doesn't, so check out the Bonus Scene below)
School of Rock
  Steve and Gary stumble across a humble guitar school in Myanmar and sit in on a lesson and jam session.
  The Moustache Brothers
  Steve and Gary visit the Burmese comic legends (and jailbirds) The Moustache Brothers.
a a
Seaside Muppet Session
Recorded on Koh Samui, February 2011
thailand podcast
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Scenic Muppet Session
Recorded in Yangon, February 2011
myanmar podcast
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The First Back-to-Back Country Episode  

This is On the Beat and Path’s first double-country episode, which lends itself to a commentary on comparison.  On the homeward bound flight, the overwhelming sentiment was that the experiences in each country were vastly different. On one hand, we have Thailand - a country that is famous for allowing a level of freedom of expression that is arguably unmatched by any other in the world. On the other hand, we have Myanmar, which is notorious for being the “Big Brother” state in its suppression of any kind of freedoms.

Given the personal experiences we had on this trip, and armed with the footage to support it, we cannot dispute these labels. To be fair to Myanmar, though, we explored it some years ago, and there has been some significant positive change since then. Like the difference between your first plunge into quicksand, surrounded by flesh-eating insects, but this time without the insects.

Despite the stark mojo differences of everyday life in these two countries, and the opportunities to which we were exposed during these short jaunts, the final cut of this episode actually highlights a theme that we haven’t captured in any other place. A theme based on culture and tradition.  

What I mean is the culture of today. One that has sprung from very recent times, and has become a feature that foreigners go out of their way to see. Thailand was our first stop.

Where does one draw the line with nudity? I mean, how much of what needs to be covered so that it’s not considered nudity?

When 2011 had begun, that question had come up TWICE while On the Beat and Path: mind you, in two countries on almost exact opposite sides of the globe and in two completely different conditions.

In a quick check of our early tour of 2011, it wouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that one of the referred countries is Brazil. It would only take 14 or 15 brain cells from that realization to make the connection to either the Brazilian bikinis and/or the Samba stars that dance in the Carnaval parade. Well done.

Since your quick check of our early 2011 tour would also leave you with two remaining options – Sumatra (Indonesia) and Koh Pha-ngan (Thailand) – you’d likely be ridiculed to death if you chose the former. Koh Pha-ngan, after all, prides itself on the original Full Moon Party.

That’s right, Steve and I returned from our latest shoot yesterday, the post-production of which will include the notoriously insane Full Moon Party. It will be released May 3rd [September 10th] as our first-ever double-country episode – Thailand and Myanmar. It’s nothing like the episodes we’ve done so far, and we’re confident you’ll be highly entertained by the content.

We may need to bypass the YouTube connection for one of the segments, however, and directly embed the clip onto the Bored of Directives [On the Beat and Path] site, as nudity could be an issue. It entirely depends on how YouTube defines nudity, but the entire board of Bored of Directives (Steve and I) unanimously (more or less) agree that it’s not. Either way, you will be able to view the wacky, musical goings-on around the world. And then you can decide for yourselves where you draw the line.

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Enjoy the clips, and send us an email or post on our Facebook page with your thoughts.

Bonus Scenes
  Is This Considered Nudity?
  The Bored of Directives team more or less doesn't think so.
Apparently, since this clip is still live, neither does YouTube.
Bangkok Kuala Lumpur India London Laos Vietnam Bali Singapore Cambodia Brazil Sumatra Myanmar/Thailand Malaysia
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