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April 2-9, 2010 INDIA Goa
  Rockin' the Sitar
  The On the Beat and Path crew stumbled on a show of Chandu and Vishu, who later graciously agreed to a group jam. Begrudgingly, Gary filmed in lieu of participating.
  Wednesday Market
  Steve and Gary cruise the popular Anjuna market in Goa discovering unlikely popular items such as fur coats, bongs, and German celebrities.
Jungle Guitars
  Steve, Gary and Erik spend a day in the jungles of Goa building guitars and meeting some fine expatriates and locals who call Goa their home. The boys then find themselves in a Guitar Building Competition that Steve so obviously dominates.
On the Beat and Path Fest
  Steve & Gary, after a week in Goa, enlist some new musical friends to play an outdoor concert and gather the week's best clips for a musical montage of everything that is wonderful in Goa. And everything is indeed wonderful in Goa.
First-Ever Muppet Session  
Steve and Gary saddle up on the sandy shores of Goa, and attempt to create their first-ever podcast amidst waves of unaware beach vendors.  
goa podcast
Recorded on Baga Beach, April 9, 2010

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Good As Goa  
Goa, India was the real deal for us. Gary and I had created On The Beat and Path episodes for Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur but this was an opportunity for the two of us to really seek out music, adventure, people and to really understand what it would be like to produce our own travel show full time.

We chose Goa as a destination for it’s exotic factor and because I was made aware of an opportunity where one can actually build their own acoustic guitar in the Goan jungle. Essentially we formulated our whole excursion around this itinerary item and we couldn’t have been more fortunate in our decision (gorgeous weather, white beaches and Kingfisher Beer).
We arrived in Kochin and instead of opting for our already paid-for flight the next afternoon, we decided on the more adventurous route: the $2, 15 hour, overnight train ride to Goa. You can get an idea of all we went through in the "Train Diaries" Bonus Scene. It was ridiculous.

Once in Goa and settled into our hotel, we met up with Erik. Our first morning couldn’t have been more fortuitous. As we were having our first production meeting beachside, we noticed a Sitar player and a gentleman holding what appeared to be a bamboo flute strolling towards our table. As luck would have it, Vishu and Chandu were scheduled to perform at our beachside breakfast spot. We got to know each other over Goan coffee and the sharing of music. Chandu taught me a thing or two about how to play the Sitar but in all honesty, I was no better after five minutes of practice than I was when I started.

The next day we were scheduled to visit with Chris at Jungle Guitars. It is here that you can sign up for a three-week course and walk away with your own guitar that you satisfyingly built from scratch. Chris is a true artist and the guitars that he has built that are exhibited in his workroom are true examples of stunning craftsmanship. Chris invited friends Les (English born/Goan part-time resident) and Sam (Goan musician and all around great guy) to provide a more colourful backdrop to our day as Gary, Erik and I carved, cut, scraped, bent and joked our way through the steps it takes to build your own axe. Judge for yourself from the Part 3 segment, but I think it's pretty safe to say that I built the best looking six-string.

Les then invited the crew back to the home of his son Graham, whose place is extraordinarily chilled-out and nestled under a beautiful banyan tree. Graham was a remarkable host and proceeded to spoil us for the next seven hours with a feast of BBQ’ed lamb shanks, gourmet pizza, hand made veggie burgers, bruschetta, fresh mojitos, unlimited beers, Goan wine and a dessert of roasted bananas, nutella and some sort of brandy that made us all weak in the knees. We didn’t leave until after the homemade Jacuzzi shenanigans. There is no video for this.

Our new local friends took us to the Wednesday market where we shot footage of local venders and met some new friends. Sissi Perlinger was a German comedian/songbird who we met while she was filming promotional material with a Bull in the middle of the market. There wasn’t enough room for a small German Sheppard to be loose in this market but she managed to squeeze a bull through the narrow lanes. Then there was Prana, an Indian lifer who has found what he needs to make him happy: friends, music and his truth. Prana was a captivating performer/storyteller who headlined the next night’s On The Beat and Path Fest.

On The Beat and Path Fest was a Graham-organized mini festival; an assemblage of eclectic musicians and friends on the not-too-distant deserted beach of Morjim. We gifted each other with our music, stories and laughter. Graham was in charge of the BBQ as Chris, Sari (Chris’ wife), Chris’ son Ram, Eivindur (my new and only friend from the Faroe Islands), Sissi, Prana, Gary and I started our own laughing club and discussed the meaning of life. It was one of those notable days of global travel that never would have happened if we had gone as typical tourists.

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As Goa’s curfew dances around 10:00 pm, we closed up shop after about 8 hours of festivalling and headed back home.

While Goa itself had many treasures that contributed to our show musically, Gary and I felt the true treasures were the people we met and the love we shared.

A magical week, indeed.
Bonus Scenes
  The Train Diaries
  Steve and Gary make an ill-advised decision to forego their already paid-for flights to Goa and opt for the more adventure-fueled Indian night train. 15 hours later, they still maintained their sense of humor.
  Sitar Jam with Chandu and Vishu
  In full, here's the magical, impromptu, 17-minute jam with Chandu on the sitar, Vishu on the bansuri (bamboo flute), Steve on the guitar, and Erik on the cajon.
  Wash Your Hands with Fruit
  During the first-ever Muppet Sessions, Steve and Gary spontaneously break into song about their observation of the Goan beach vendors who sell fruit.
  The Bicago Bubs
  Steve and Gary spot a baseball fan on the beaches in Goa and decide to get her opinion on her choice for the 2010 World Series.
  The Mustache Sessions
  Getting off the plane in Kochi, Steve noticed that every male in India (and even a few females) had a mustache. Steve then ventured out to document the silliness.
  The Toilet Diaries
  Anyone who visits India knows that they must exercise a certain amount of caution in order to avoid any sort of colonic disaster. Steve and Gary discuss the value of India's waste management. Or lack thereof.
  Indian Promoters at the Market
  Steve tries to get some market entrepreneurs to help record a promo spot for the show. They were a tad enthusiastic about the opportunity.
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