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On The Beat and Path was created by Canadian Steve Northcott out of a desire to travel the world, play music, learn about diverse musical cultures and to make people smile. Steve has enjoyed success as lead singer and guitarist playing in the award winning Kuala Lumpur rock band, The Benchmarx. In 2010, they released their second full length studio album and enjoyed a small scale South East Asian Tour in early 2010. The Benchmarx are two-time finalists of the Malaysian Global Battle of the Bands and are recipients of the "Most Exhilarating Exciting Electrifying Live Act" award at VIMA 2010 (Voize Independent Music Awards). As a stand up comedian, Steve Northcott has performed to acclaim in Canada, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Ha- noi and has been a constant performer on both the Comedy Club Asia stage and Time Out Comedy Thursday. Steve has also seen his travel articles published in magazines in both Kulala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. He was co-author of Travel/Resident Guide, Explorer KL.
Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Steve has been featured in numerous publications including Esquire and Time Out magazines and was noted as one of the "50 Expatriates You Should Know" in Expatriate Lifestyle (January, 2010) magazine. Steve has spent the past nine years living abroad and traveling with his trusty guitars to over 30 countries.   steve&gary Gary is On the Beat and Path
Steve is On the Beat and Path   American-born Gary Blanton produced documentaries prior to On the Beat and Path's inception, most notably a 2009 NME Best Documentary award for Raq'in the Roots with Malesh-Roma - about the distinctive blends of Balkan music and dance in eastern Macedonia. The documentary helped to launch an annual festival, where over 25,000 people attended in its 3rd year in 2011.
He also produced music videos, such as Barackin' in the Free World (2008), as well as the online comedy series Schwaaab (2005-2006). As a guitarist and bass player, Gary wrote and recorded songs for the VIMA award-winning, Malaysian-based rock band The Benchmarx (2007-2010), as well as for the Brazilian-based rock band The Funky Fresh Cocoa Puffs (1995-1998). He also composed a graduation song called Time Has a Way (2003), which has since been performed at ceremonies in various countries by other groups of musicians. In 1995, Gary completed the full-length screenplay Conscious Decisions - a science-fiction murder thriller about a real-life connection between two strangers through their dreams. Gary also designed and manages the On the Beat and Path, Bored of Directives, and Paola Blanton websites. He is currently editing material for network broadcast.
Mission: On the Beat and Path provides a window into the planet's love and longing for music, using music as the primary language of global communication in order to develop a multi-media outlet for the sharing of music, travel and friendship.
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