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On the Beat and Path
steve host Join host, Steve Northcott, as he travels the planet in search of the music that makes the earth vibrate. Whether it's jamming with sitar players in India, crashing a Buzzcocks show in Bangkok or learning the elements of Hip Hop in Ho Chi Minh City, Steve will find the planet's musical pulse.
With Steve is creative partner and jack-of-all-trades, Gary Blanton. Together they team with global musicians to record, jam, play, explore and create a musical experience that they are only too eager to share. gary camera
Catch Us Live Somewhere On This Planet
The On the Beat and Path official album is a collection of 18 tracks recorded during our 19-country trek filming the On the Beat and Path travel series.

This multi-genre compilation was recorded in five countries with contributions from 22 guest musicians, and includes both studio recorded songs and live improvisational jams.

The 5 previously unreleased tracks from the Songs From the Mekong documentary are also included.
Thank you for your support.
Available at:
Documentary: Songs From the Mekong (Kampot, Cambodia)
Documentary: Peace United House
(Saigon, Vietnam)
Documentary: Hillside Music Festival
(Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
On the Beat and Path Gets INKED
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
~73,000 hits
The song Every Day, created during the On the Beat and Path production of the documentary Songs From the Mekong, was nominated for Best Collaboration in the 2013 VIMA Independent Music Awards.
The Every Day segment is highlighted in the documentary from the 9:20 to 14:45 minute marks. Click here to watch the documentary.
Old School OTBAP: Beijing Busking
Music Video: Old American Junk
Good To Be Alive
Documentary: Benchmarx: Who the Hell Do They Think They Are? (SE Asia)
Music Video: Tanaman Dul
Big Strong Man
One approach to exploring is to throw yourself (and sometimes caution) to the wind, and see what you find wherever it takes you. That's essentially what On the Beat and Path EPISODES are about. We go somewhere, we hunt for musically interesting circumstances and ideas, then tell the story. We tell it through video segments, podcasts, photos, the written word, and occasionally through original song.
We have tons of entertaining scenes that simply didn't fit in the story of an official episode. We released some as Bonus Scenes along with the episodes, but purposely kept some in the vault to release later. The THEMES page is brand new and currently contains a few already released scenes and full episode parts. When we return from our summer tour end of August, we'll start filling these pages up with all sorts of material we caught on camera.
We will continue to explore musical customs and instruments from around the world in the traditional On the Beat and Path style, but our attention is currently turned towards festivals because of the huge opportunities as documentarians and musicians to share and explore ideas about music and the role it plays in other art forms. Naturally, we will take advantage of any opportuntity to participate in some way.
Manila & Boracay
Filming March 29 - April 5 2012
New York City & Newfoundland
June/July 2011
malaysia MALAYSIA
Kota Kinabalu (Borneo) & KL
March 2011
Bagan/Mandalay/Thai Islands
February 2011
Lake Toba, Sumatra
January 29 - February 1, 2011
brazil BRAZIL
São Paulo/Camburi
Dec 21, 2010 - Jan 4, 2011
cambodia CAMBODIA
Angkor Wat/Kampot
December 2-7, 2010
singapore SINGAPORE
October 29-30, 2010
October 8-16, 2010
vietnam VIETNAM
Ho Chi Minh City
September 9-14, 2010
laos LAOS
Vang Vieng/Luang Prabang
August 10-16, 2010
london ENGLAND
July 20, 2010
india INDIA
April 2-9, 2010
kuala lumpur MALAYSIA
Kuala Lumpur
December 10-13, 2009
bangkok THAILAND
November 27-29, 2009
Steve and Gary have written and recorded songs together in several different countries since 2007, including tunes on the Benchmarx's second album Smell the Music, and more recently during the making of the music documentary Songs From The Mekong in Cambodia. There, along with three other musicians, they wrote nine songs and recorded five over a five day period. These songs were packaged in a CD along with 12 other tracks that Steve and Gary recorded while On the Beat and Path. Contact us if you'd like a copy.
everything matters The SONGS page contains several of the other 12 tracks, including an original accompanied by a Balinese gamelon band.
Everything Matters was recorded at Soulflip Studio in Bali.
SFM Songs From the Mekong
June 4-9, 2011
Peace United House
September 10, 2010
Southeast Asia
2005 - 2012
August 26-28, 2011
HILLSIDE Music Festival
Guelph, CANADA
July 22-24, 2011
FRINGE Festival
Toronto, CANADA
July 6-17, 2011
ROCK & ROOTS Music Festival
Singapore, SINGAPORE
April 15-16, 2011
We wrap up each episode with an audio recording, which we call "The Muppet Sessions."
Originally, there was discussion of doing sideline commentaries on and during our episodes, although not as sarcastic hecklers per se, like Henson's Statler and Waldorf. The idea was abandoned, but the name stuck to the wrap-up session.
Also posted on the PODCASTS page are On the Beat and Path's RADIO spots.
In the spring of 2012, starting March 6th, you can catch Steve and Gary live on their weekly show on from anywhere in the world. Broadcast time is on Tuesdays from 3-4pm (Malaysia).
Mission: On the Beat and Path provides a window into the planet's love and longing for music, using music as the primary language of global communication in order to develop a multi-media outlet for the sharing of music, travel and friendship.
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